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Features and Specifications:

  • 2. new upgrade and optimization according to user needs, bright color and style, clearer and broader vision, and extraordinary sense of wear.
  • 1. using copper-nickel alloy frame, lighter and more flexible, easily solve the problems of easy breakage and deformation, upgrade the anti-blue light function, and protect the eyes.
  • 5. after years of market feedback, the design has been continuously optimized to produce glasses that are truly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people in china, avoiding problems such as wearing a clip face, insufficient vision, and falling glasses.
  • 4. anti-blue light lens has 10 layers of coating, and harmful blue light can be double-effectively blocked by the substrate absorption and reflection of the coating, with high light transmittance, uv resistance, and clearer vision.
  • 3.copper-nickel alloy frame, good impact resistance, can effectively prevent eye and face injuries caused by frame breakage and friction during exercise.
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